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Our Travel Page will take you along to places in California that everyone should visit at least once! 
These are places that don't require months of planning or a second mortgage to get there!

 A conversation between you and Extreme Times Travel Team

EX: How do you get your family off the video screens without them wanting to kill you?
You take them on an exciting trip where everyone has something to do.
You: I'm interested but I don't have $1,000 right now to make it happen.
EX: No prob, let's talk about the trips you can do for $250 and under. Oh and don't expect us to talk about Disneyland or Unaversal Studios, those anyone can plan. We're not about being entertained, we're about getting out and learning how enjoy your family before the nest goes empty.
You: Well my kids only want to go Disney or Universal so they won't enjoy it if I take them to nature.
EX: We know, we know. We know what they are saying because ours would say the same thing but we've learned by expieriance that they absolutly enjoy and recall the "nature" get-a-ways" much more than the "ready made" trips. Believe it or not they want the one on one with you not so much with Mickey or Homer.
You: If I'm being honest it seems like alot of hassle to take a camping or road trip and having entertain the whole family. Sometimes things get a little nutty when we're all couped up together.
EX: We are going to help you with the hassle part of it, that's what we're here for. The  will disapear as soon as you reach yoour destination, (that's why we suggest something close the first time)
You: Well OK, I'm listening but don't expect me to pack everyone up tonight, I'm just reading because i have a couple free minutes.
EX: Fair enough, go to "The Local Out Doors" page so we can dig

Santa Barbara

Montana De Oro

The Catalina Adventure

  1. Catalina Island
    Catalina Island
  2. Catalina Island
    Catalina Island
  3. Catalina Island
    Catalina Island
  4. Catalina Island
    Catalina Island
  5. Long Beach Port
    Long Beach Port
  6. On the Catalina Express
    On the Catalina Express
  7. On the Catalina Express
    On the Catalina Express
  8. Catalina Island
    Catalina Island
  9. Catalina Island
    Catalina Island
  10. Catalina Island
    Catalina Island
  11. Catalina Express
    Catalina Express
  12. Catalina Express
    Catalina Express
​​Santa Barbara Camping 
Oceano Dunes
Montana de Oro
Camp Site

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