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Trump Where will he take us?
 This is a series of stories that I have updated at turning points in Trumps campaign and now of course his election.
I've left in the original stories not only to laugh at myself but to see the making of a Trump presidency.
Last Updated on 11/12/16
Updated story 10/13/16
Original story 7/20/16
Original story: Trump: a figment of our imagination?
Six months ago. I thought Trump had no chance of being taken seriously. Didn't think he had a chance in the "real world". I was wrong. I thought the American people would think he was at the least, over the top. I was wrong. Tonight was has officially won the Republican nomination. Now he actually could be our next U.S. President. Really?
It seems that Mr. Trump has mastered the ability to use the fears or concerns, (depending on who you talk to) and somehow convince the same people whose thoughts he tapped into and repeat them as his thoughts.
Almost like one of those sci-fi movies where the alien can touch his victim's brain and read what they are thinking and use it to overtake the world. Yes....I do have an active imagination but it wouldn't be the first time a potential leader fed off citizen's fears to gain power, (alien part optional.)
What people seem to like about Trump is his boldness to say things that others are afraid or too polite to say.
The thoughts that are subdued for fear seeming uneducated or politically incorrect. Mr. Trump has seemingly lifted the lid and let it be known that it is ok to let it be known we indeed have racist feelings are afraid of letting the immigrants overtake this country.

People don't seem to mind when he flip flops on statements as long as he sounds committed and "powerful" during a particular speech. He seems to stand for patriotism at its purest with an unwavering commitment to building a giant wall between us and Mexico which he says, in no uncertain terms, will keep us safe from "bad" immigrants. No matter how ridiculous it may seem to many Americans, as long as it resonates with his core followers, Mr. Trump is accomplishing his ride this first wave to the nomination, and it has worked.
 Trumps says he has solutions because he is a billionaire businessman who is skilled in solving problems, which I can see why people would take that as a solid foundation if Mr. Trump was indeed a self-made man this would definitely be a strong and viable selling point. The problem with that is that his father had hundreds of millions already when Trump took over the family business, mostly from valuable New York real estate holdings which keep going up in value, and when he got himself into real money problems his father bailed him then after his father died he borrowed big money from his sibling's trust. It seems the story goes on and on of up and down finances. Trump claims to be worth over 8 billion, tax records and other sources point closer to 3 billion. Some tax records in his home state of New York report his income of being around $500,000 per year, far under from what he claims. A billionaire, not a self-made billionaire but a billionaire, either way you look at it, this guy is rich. Do I fault him for his billions? No, I wish I had billions of my own. I am bothered that he repeatedly leads his audiences to believe that he is a self-made man, a "pull yourself up  from the bootstraps man," which, according to the research I've done, he is not.
Mr. Trump, the world is not your father's back yard nor will it that offer you a "do over" button like our court system offers you by means of bankruptcy when one of your "bright" ideas gets you into trouble.
No Mr. Trump, the world will hold you accountable (and us for electing you) for your foolish words. they will not offer you (or us) a "way out" when you go into one of your silly rage's and press the wrong button. They will retaliate on you (and us for electing you.) 
To be edited and Continued 

Where does Trump go from here?
Updated story 10/13/16

Where do we stand now?
I don't like what Trump has done to our country. I think he has divided us more than ever, both racially and economically. I further believe that he has made us very untrustworthy to the rest of the world and yes I do believe that is bad for America as the most powerful country on the planet not to have the trust of the world. If they don't trust us they will start to form alliances around the world that will come back to bite us. 

Where does Trump go from here? Trump has lived his years doing what he is doing now bull******* his way through life. The problem now is the great foundation that this country was built on is making his foolishness come to light. All the fail proofs and safeguards that the authors of the constitution and original amendments, all those tedious words are doing what their purpose was from the beginning, to keep out the riffraff. 
bull******* are all over. You find them in all classes. You find them up and down the streets in every city, people trying to make a quick buck on knockoff watches or dealing drugs to whoever they can. You find them on Wall Street trying to pawn off some cut-rate stocks that they get an extra bonusgetting
rid of first. Used car/new car salesman, salesperson in a high fashion store trying to tell you why you need that handbag even though it cost more than you'll ever put inside. Bull ******* are everywhere but they don't belong in the White House. People say Bill was a bull ****** he was a womanizer, not a bull ******. Is one worse than the other? You better believe it, a womanizer in the White House hurts the wife and adds less moral dignity in a house where many other "affairs" have already bruised it's integrity. A bull ****** in the House destroy it. If you've dealt with a bull ****** you keep  as far away from them as possible. Can you imagine having that behind the most powerful desk on earth? The world will turn without us just to stay away from the clown with his finger on the nuke button. Say the wrong thing to him and he will send a couple of loaded jets "just to make them see things a little clearer." Do you really think a bull ****** will not take advantage of making a "little" money while he can? A lot of opportunities are gonna come up to "put a little pressure" on business leaders to see things his way. A great new U.S. motto could be "Bull ****, the American Way!" 

Republican Senator Ben Sasse, Nebraska, asks President Trump if he is recanting his oath to "protect and defend the 1st amendment." 

After President Trump tweeted his wish to "revoke" NBC and other media outlets, U.S. Senator Ben Sasse tweeted "Mr. President: Words spoken by the President of the United States matter. Are you tonight recanting of the oath you took on January 20th to preserve, protect, and defend the First Amendment?"  

$6 Million awarded to family of teen shot by police 
How does it make you feel?
I read the story online on April 26, and I thought it was an interesting story because I wondered what had become of that whole incident. I read the story then I wondered how others felt about the story so I read the comments and then it really became interesting!
Things became both clear and confusing .
The story itself told of the money awarded to the family of the boy who was shot by police. It explained that the local Police Union suggested the family spend the money on educating youngsters on how to play with toy guns. To which the families attorney remarked that the police, even after losing the awards lawsuit, are still suggesting that the whole shooting was caused by the boy, not the police. The family's attorney reiterated that the officer who shot the teen should have been held responsible. 
Okay, we know the story and we have our opinions on where the fault lies, but to hear the comments under the story was eye opening, to say the least.
To be Continued