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 For those who know me, it's no secret that my beliefs run more under the Democrat tent than Republican. I'm not trying to hide from this truth or be politically correct, at least for the valley. I am against a few basic ideas most democrats cling to but I believe they get closer to the truth than the other side. believe it or not, this article isn't trying to start a fight. It's meant to keep the peace. You see I don't think you are less patriotic because you don't think exactly as I do.I wouldn't say you are unpatriotic if you verbalized your opinion, as long as you keep it verbal, (no hitting.) To stand up for what is right when you see everyone else stand by folding their hands, now that's courage. Since our early school days, we've been taught to go with the flow, don't be different. Teachers didn't teach us that, the other kids in school did when they laughed at us when we said or did something contrary to what everyone else said or did. Our parents taught us to "not be different" when we told them that the other kids laughed at us and they advised us to "just try and fit in".
So to have courage now seems to go against what we had instilled in us at a very young age all the way through high school and some still live worrying about what their peers may think of a "different" idea.